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Crossing the Plains to Salt Lake

    An American Exodus From 1846 to 1869, 70,000 Mormons traveled accross five states to escape religious persecution. While many think that the Mormon migration occurred in one swoop across the plains in 1847, in actuality, Mormons crossed the plains from various points over a twenty-three year span. The Pioneer Company of 1846-1847 established the […]

  • born Nauvoo, IL 62354, USA
  • died Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Bermard Snow Sr. – 1856 to 1858 Trail Stories

  Bernard Snow Sr. was the father of Minnie Snow (John) Dastrup. He was born January 22nd 1822 in Pomfret, Windsor County, Vermont. He was the son of Ebenezer Snow and Polly Hayes. On November 24th 1841 he married his cousin Louise M. King at Boston, Massachusetts.  Three children were born to them:  Sidney, Flora […]

  • born South Central Omaha, Omaha, NE, USA
  • died Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Hans Lorentz Dastrup – 1859 Trail Stories

  Hans Lorentz Dastrup was born 13th, October 1813, the son of Hans Jorgen Dastrup and Ane Marie Schiotz, at Horsholm, near Copenhagen in Denmark. 16 October 1841, he married his cousin, Ane Marie Berg, daughter of Mathias M. Berg and Sophia Magdalena Dastrup. They had two sons, Peter, born 8th March 1843 and Hans Lorentz, […]

  • born Omaha, NE 68106, USA
  • died Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Ane Marie Andersen – 1861 Trail Stories

Ane Marie Olsen Andersen was born on 12 Nov 1839 in Lova, Bierre, Soro, Denmark, the daughter of Ole Andersen and Bodil Rasmussen.  After joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), the family left Denmark on 7 May 1861 and traveled first to Liverpool, England, where they joined with other Saints […]

  • born Omaha, NE 68106, USA
  • died Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Sarah Gledhill – 1868 Trail Stories

    Sarah Gledhill Snow  was the mother of Minnie Snow (John) Dastrup. She was born 31 Mar, 1833 in Oldham, Lancashire, England, the daughter of Edward Gledhill and Betty Hague.     Summary About 250 emigrants, principally people from England and Scotland who crossed the Atlantic on the ship Emerald Isle, traveled in E. T. […]

  • born Carbon County, WY, USA
  • died Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, USA